Hey Assanova,

It's the former "borderline stalker". I have taken a significant step up to the next level, and it'd be great to get your views.

So this past weekend I am at the biology department retreat in Laguna Beach with all the grad students and some profs. from the department. Saturday night there are several parties going on in a couple different adjacent hotel rooms (around 50-100 people overall).

The room I start out in, we are playing a game of pictionary or something like that. I get there early and end up getting a prime seat on the couch, whereas most people are sitting on the floor or standing. One of the more attractive girls in the program, "the brunette", comes over and says I should get up so she can sit there because she has seniority over me (she is a 3rd yr. and I am a first, although this is technically my 4th yr. of grad school). I simply make a little extra room on the couch and motion for her to sit. Then I say seniority should be based on the number of publications we have and not the number of years we've been in the program. It turns out that we both have 3 publications.....instant rapport!

I would have looked at her like she was fucking stupid and asked her if she was retarded. The instant you submit to her demands without getting something in return, she loses respect for you. This was your first mistake. Look at how I deal with women. The instant they try to test me to see if I'm a chump, I'm quick to put them in their place....right in the retard wagon.

I should say that at this point, I was not consciously trying to game this girl because she is engaged, although her fiance wasn't at the retreat. However, after we end up taking a sip of each others drink, I start to think to myself, "why not."

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